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Biomarkers & Breast Cancer in Young Adults

YSC believes in giving young adults all of the tools they need to navigate their breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care. That is why we are excited to provide a hub that provides everything you need to know about biomarkers.

And who can explain better than the YSC community? Check out Biomarker Testing IRL at the bottom of this page, where you will hear five survivors and thrivers talk about their experience with diagnosis and testing.

Biomarkers 101

We’ve got everything you need to know about biomarker testing right here. Dr. Sara Hurvitz and patient advocate Joanna Hayashi cover the meaning of biomarkers, what types are commonly used in breast cancer diagnosis and how the information can help make treatment decisions.

Biomarkers and Metastatic Breast Cancer

If you were wondering how biomarker testing is used in metastatic breast cancer, we have you covered. Dr. Reshma Mahtani and patient advocate Dr. Yolanda Jameau give a refresher on the basics of biomarker testing, as well as how advancements in testing can more precisely predict and treat the spread of metastatic breast cancer.

What to Ask Your Doctor about Biomarker Testing

Hopefully the information on these pages has given you a better understanding of biomarker testing and how it is used in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. But, now the question is- what do you do with this knowledge? Dr. Bora Lim and patient advocate Miranda Gonzales give practical tips on using your health information to inform treatment decisions, create survivorship plans and become an active part of shared-decision making with your healthcare team.

Biomarker Testing & Precision Medicine

The world of precision oncology is progressing every day, and biomarker testing plays a big role in that. In a conversation with Dr. Nikhil Wagle and patient advocate Victoria St. Martin, you will hear more about how the core of precision oncology is all about finding “the right drug for the right patient at the right time.”
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YSC would like to thank Novartis for its support in bringing biomarker education to our community.