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Learn What to Expect After Breast Cancer Treatment

Download the Post-Treatment Navigator

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The day you wished for is finally here—treatment is over. You thought you’d be jumping for joy when chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy ended, right? Instead you may be anxious, confused, and may not feel particularly healthy. Learn how to manage your "new normal" after initial breast cancer treatment, including:

  • What to expect from long-term side effects
  • How to approach nutrition and exercise and understand your emotions
  • When to begin creating your survivorship care plan and how to do it

Download the guide today to find out how where to begin after your treatment is over.

"The Navigator you gave to me has become an amazing resource! Being able to have questions on hand in a clearly mapped out way was incredibly helpful. I love the layout and organization that it offers. And the resource guide is fantastic! I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of women like you to come to for advice and guidance as I find my way through this challenging time."
Elise, diagnosed at 31

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