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YSC Peer Matchmaking

Breast cancer when you’re young sucks. Period. But it can help to talk to someone who’s navigated a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment as a young adult.

Connect with another young adult affected by breast cancer

The YSC Peer Match program is designed to make young adults diagnosed with breast cancer feel connected and supported by a community of peers. Matchmaking is based on similar diagnoses and/or experiences.

We have trained volunteers in the young breast cancer community who have “been there, done that” and have a desire to help others by listening and sharing their experience.

How it works

Fill out the form below where we ask you some questions to get a better understanding of what concerns and issues matter most to you. This information will help us find your perfect match.

We’ll introduce you to your match by email. You can then discuss what form of communication works best for you - texting, phone or video calls, or even coffee if you’re in the same area.

I'd like to become a Peer Mentor


This volunteer opportunity is for you if:

  • You have completed breast cancer treatment at least one year ago
  • Or are living with metastatic breast cancer for at least one year
  • And you have a strong desire to help others

How it works

We keep a record of active peer mentor volunteers. When someone reaches out to us, we review our records to search for a match we believe will be a good fit.

We ensure you are comfortable and confident with the scope of the situation, and once we receive your permission, we will “e-introduce” you both and allow you two to set the tone of what your relationship will look like. Your job is simply making your “breast friend” feel heard, seen, and supported.

Fill out the form below and select “I’d like to come a peer mentor.”

The following questions are designed to help YSC  get a better understanding of what concerns and issues matter most to you so that we can find your perfect match. We don’t share this information with others, allowing you to choose what you disclose. 

Breast Cancer History

MM/DD/YYYY *You must be 18 years or older to participate. If you are under the age of 18, please email us at [email protected]