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Managing Stress Through Breast Cancer


In addition to responsibilities like work, family and everyday life, a breast cancer diagnosis adds a whole new layer of stress. There are ways to face those challenges, whether it’s at the time of diagnosis or years later.

Stress Management Methods

The best way to deal with stress or anxiety is to practice coping techniques before you need them. If you can find a few ways to calm your mind and find resilience, then when a stressful moment comes, you will be equipped to face it head-on.

  • Exercise. It is a proven stress reliever and not only distracts your mind, but actually relieves physical stress too. Even a short walk or yoga session can help.
  • Take time for yourself. Simply running an errand on your own or sitting outside for lunch can feel like a welcome break from your daily routine.
  • Practice mindfulness training and meditation. Being able to clear your mind and stay present is an important tool should a stressful situation arise.
  • Learn visualization and breathing techniques. Training your breath and mind to calm your body is an easy and effective way to release tension and anxiety.
  • Find the method that’s right for you. There are many complementary techniques that can help with the physical and mental side effects of diagnosis and treatment.

Ask for Help

Sometimes the stress of your diagnosis or your everyday life can feel more than overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help if you need it. Mental health professionals, like a psychologist or social worker, are uniquely qualified to help you through these challenges and can be recommended by your oncologist or other healthcare provider.

Your YSC Sisters Are Here for You

If you haven't already connected to a YSC group in your area, find a Face 2 Face group or check out our online community to find support from other women who know what you’ve been through.

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